Tim fuger - Owner + FOunder



The marrying between science and art into design can produce phenomenal solutions. Every day Tim imbues this core idea of architectural education into his work ethic. As a result, each task accomplished seeks to create improved business methodologies that surpass ones that came before it. These tasks can range from macro to the micro scale in the business and can include anything from reworking the company's financial system to rethinking fabrication techniques. 

Tim received a Masters of Architecture degree from Norwich University, where the architecture school's motto is "The Making of Meaning and the Meaning of Making". He has taken this motto and has integrated it into the spine of the business in order to transcend the gap between design and fabrication.

Currently Tim oversees the CNC division of the architecture department as well as co-teaches Design and Fabrication courses at NYC College of Technology. At the college he is also a participant in the Automation in Architecture and Construction Lab. In the past, he has held a number of CNC operator and programmer positions with well established fabrication firms in the NYC area, including Timbur LLC, Corinthian Cast Stone Inc., and Surface Grooves LLC.